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KOBE City Products Promotion Party

Last week, I was invited by @eatwithroy to attend KOBE City Products Promotion Party held at Japan Rail Cafe by KOBE International Club Singapore. This was the first time I attended a product introductory event.

Representatives from Japan,Mr Jun Yasuhara, Mr Mukai, Mr Katsuhiko Maeda, Ms Miyoko Misaka etc gave their individual speeches to let us know more about KOBE City and their produces. I got to understand more information about KOBE products and glad to know that Singapore will be selling them soon in marts. Never travel to KOBE before thus find this event quite interesting.

We started off with KOBE white wine Chardonnay. KOBE first produced wine 40 years ago. Followed by other produces such as KOBE strawberries, sweets and dried fruit snacks. They were so good! KOBE strawberries were so sweet I couldn’t bear to finish it off. The strawberry cake by KOBE Master Patisser, Mr Toshiaki Fukuhara, was remarkable too. Cake texture so light and fluffy, every one of us polished off our sha…

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