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Curry Times: A Legit Place for Curries

[Curry Times] Who don't know Old Chang Kee (OCK)? With their on-the-go deep fried snacks so popular among commuters since 1956, having outlets at all major malls and Mrt stations now, they were like part of our daily life already. I definitely pick up a stick or two and also a curry puff whenever i passed by OCK. 

At present, Old Chang Kee had continued to extent their f & b network into other related businesses like Bun Times and Curry Times. As the name says it all, Bun Times had a variety of popular bun choices such as hae bee hiam, otah, curry chicken, coconut and many more for you to choose from and Curry Times specializes in curry dishes made to suit our local tastebuds with curry chicken as their signature item. Curry Times has recently improvised their menu and is more extensive now. I’m glad that my friends and I were invited to their media tasting where we savored many dishes.

We were served with Homemade Ngo Hiang ( 3 rolls) $8.20, Cold Tofu with century Egg $7.50 and …

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