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The Naked Finn- Simple yet Impressive

[The Naked Finn]
My very first visit to The Naked Finn was on my mother-in-law's birthday dinner. Situated at Gilman Barracks, the greenery environment was relaxing as we were surrounded by the force of nature.

Walking into the restaurant, we were greeted by friendly staff and brought to our seats without delay. Woody furniture were used in this glass restaurant, with simplicity wall of greens on kitchen side, overall was cosy. We were pretty honored to have the boss, Ken, with us and introducing their signature dishes. Fresh seafood was the highlight here.

Among all the dishes we tried, none disappoint us. Namely Lobster Bisque, Water Spinach, Wild Caught Baby Indian Squid, Littleneck Clams, farmed Yesso Scallops, Orh Lua, locally farmed Barramundi, Urugavian Lobsters, Giant Tiger Prawns and Gamba Carabinero. I shall tell you guys about the dishes that impressed me more.

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