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Casa Manini- Home for the italians

[Casa Manini]

Casa Manini, a new Italian bistro among the busing area for bbq seafood and roti prata. Taking over the space of “Two Tall Trees” previously, many may find this place familiar. Less than a month since opening, we decided to give this place a try out as one of my friend was working there.

The whole environment was cozy and I had a deep impression of a pretty painted wall of houses at a corner of the restaurant. That afternoon was quiet, we almost had the whole place to ourselves together with 2 other tables. Although it’s a place for food and not entertainment, but I expected more smiles and friendly approach from the staff. 
We ordered The “No Brainer” Lunch Set which cost $20.00 per pax for an appetizer and a main OR $25.00 with an additional choice of dessert apart from those mentioned above.
Choose between Baby spinach with Tuna, cherry tomato, corn and mandarin oranges OR Soup of the day for appetizers. Mains they have Spaghetti with g…

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